Some drawings by Tobias Zawada

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Fine/so3.jpg Maths turned her head.
Fine/000321.jpg That's Ulf Markward, a friend of mine. He likes to play the saxophone. I built the 2x100W AB-class amplifier for him.
Fine/000322.jpg That's one of the pictures which resulted during a drawing course at Riesa-Efau.
Fine/000423.jpg That's Bianca. I met her at the banks of the river Elbe. I like this drawing because of it's been great fun to make it.
Fine/000510.jpg Inspite of the smear on this picture, its a good play with light and shadow.
Fine/000517.jpg That is a quite scematic drawing. But I like it in some way.
Fine/001109.jpg Just some portrait.
Fine/001110.jpg This drawing took just a few minutes. That is one of the course members while he was portraying the real model. He always shuts his left eye while he is working.
Fine/001130.jpg Sorry, no comments available for this picture.
Fine/010125.jpg That is one of my best works.
Fine/drawing-riesa000607.jpg This comment was written on the 14th of Februar at 41 minutes past midnight: I've just made the scan of this drawing employing the new sane-backend for the EPSON PERFECTION 1260 PHOTO written by Gerhard Jäger. Finally, the backend works. Thank you, Gerhard! Of course the file here is a JPEG-compressed version. You wouldn't like to load the 400MB big 1200dpi-scan. By the way, the drawing is already three years old. It is also a product of a drawing course at Riesa Efau.
Fine/spurenufer-so3.jpg I made this picture at the happening Spurenufer organised by Riesa-Efau. The official homepage of the Spurenufer-event is:

Pittingly, the drawing is not as good as the original SO(3) shown above. It is not so easy to draw a picture in publicity. It's also the first time that I tried such a large format (1.60m x 1.40m).